Peace. Space.

HUUS soundproof booth brings happiness to your teams and space to your office

Make your team happier and healthier

Boost team well-being with ergonomically designed spaces for (hybrid) meetings, deep focus or virtual calls. HUUS booths reduce noise by 29 dB so your team can focus on what they do best.

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Get more privacy with a HUUS One booth

Build up the HUUS booth in 1 hour. Move it around easily to adjust continuously to your needs. Endless possibilities - customise your booth inside out.

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Add meeting space with a HUUS Meet pod

Enhance your workplace with a new meeting room for up to 4 people. Ideal space for 1-on-1s, virtual meetings, podcasts - sky’s the limit.

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HUUS brought well-being to our co-working community space where colleagues are always in calls, smartly using up a corner that we never utilise.

- Goran Buvac, Head of Business Development, Code Control

Space to talk. Space to focus.

Carefully designed features ensure full comfort of use for all. Minimalistic design. Countless possibilities.


MDF, foam and wool felt sound isolating layers.

Laminated glass door (8mm).


4 roof fans with strong air circulation.

Cleanable airflow channel.


Power, USB and LAN connection.

Conveniently located connections for easy access.


Optimally located LED lighting.

Dimmer available as add-on.


Colour of the booth can be chosen from the RAL palette.

Further interior detail customisations available.


HUUS One can be set up in one hour with the help of 2-3 people

No wiring, just plug in the power cable.


Soundproof Booth - HUUS One

€3.695,00 (€4.397,05 inkl. USt)

Think outside the box. Talk inside.

HUUS booth features full comfort: soundproof, ventilated, connected, powered, well lit and customisable to fit different heights and positions of use (ideal both for standing and sitting). 

Fast delivery. Free trial. 2 years warranty.


Soundproof meeting box - HUUS Meet

€11.900,00 (€14.161,00 inkl. USt)

HUUS Meet is ideal for team meetings, one-on-one conversations or hybrid video calls. Comfortable seating setup or dynamic standing meeting through spacious and clever design. With the upgrade to Pro, the box becomes the ideal virtual meeting room with the best video conferencing technology.

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Less noise. More value.

Redesign your workspace to maximise collaboration. Repurpose the remaining areas with valuable space for focus and calls with HUUS.

What our customers say

We were particularly impressed by the high quality of sound isolation and comfort. The fact that you can either sit or stand in the box is great for our teams.

- Moritz Schubert, Head of Brand Partnerships, OMR

HUUS perfectly completes our dynamic workspaces for our community of 3,500 members. The pods create essential focus and collaboration areas in our big open spaces. 

- Tala Mortada, Chief Design Officer, Factory Berlin


Why HUUS booths and pods?

+ How soundproof are HUUS booths and pods?

Die HUUS-Boxen kombinieren mehrere Schichten von Akustikmaterialien wie MDF, Akustikschaum und Wollfilz. Das sorgt für eine Reduzierung von Störgeräuschen und Lärm um 36 dB bei der HUUS One und um 39db bei der HUUS Meet.

+ Are the booths and pods comfortable for extended time use?

Both HUUS booths feature 4 powerful ceiling fans with strong air circulation so that you can stay fresh. To ensure you don’t run out of energy on a long call, USB and power plugs are available so you can stay connected. Bright lighting allows you to stay focused and look good in a call. HUUS Meet features an electric sit-stand table and comfortable wide seating that can be folded for more space when standing. HUUS One features a foldable table and an adjustable table system which allows to customize the height and position of the table and accessories. Therefore both booths are comfortable for all heights as well as ideal for both sitting and standing.

+ How much do I save if I get a booth / pod?

Die Boxen sparen dir Renovierungs- und Immobilienkosten. Sie sind kompakt und flexibel und können so ungenutzte Flächen erschließen. Mit HUUS sind Meetingräume, die sonst nur von einer oder wenigen Personen genutzt werden, nun für die Zusammenarbeit im Team verfügbar. Außerdem bringen der Produktivitätsschub und die Steigerung der Teamzufriedenheit großen Wert.

+ Do I need a HUUS Meet or a HUUS One?

HUUS Meet ist ideal für kleine Meetings bis 4 Personen (Einzelgespräche, Vertragsverhandlungen, Präsentationen) und hybride Meetings mit dem Rest des Teams. HUUS One ist perfekt für eine Person, um sich für Fokus oder einen wichtigen Call zurückzuziehen. Welches Produkt du brauchst, hängt von deiner Büronutzung und -einrichtung ab. Es kann sinnvoll sein, eine Kombination von beiden zu wählen.

+How many booths do I need?

This depends on how large your space is, how intense the use would be (e.g. whether the teams need time for calls and private focus), as well as which teams will be using it. We recommend to count one HUUS One booth for 5-15 people and one HUUS Meet pod for 10-20 people depending on how many meeting rooms you already have.

+Can I get a custom colour to fit my office/design?

We offer our classic booths and pods in black and white colours. As an additional customisation option we offer the booths in any RAL colour. For the HUUS One, you can choose to add an ethernet connection, a stool and a dimmer. For the HUUS Meet, you can choose between three options for the sofa colour (black, grey, cream), you can add a dimmer and a light temperature control.

+Do all booths and pods come with height adjustable tables?

Yes. The HUUS One has a manually adjustable table to be comfortable for all heights and for sitting and standing alike. The HUUS Meet features an electric sit-stand table. The seating can be folded to make more room in standing meetings.

+Where are the booths produced?

Our boxes are 100% designed and produced in the EU.

Shipping & Delivery

+ What are the expected delivery times?

We deliver our booths within 4-6 weeks for HUUS One and 6-8 weeks for HUUS Meet.

+ Do you deliver everywhere?

We deliver to all of EU.

+What is the cost of delivery?

Wir produzieren und versenden aus Litauen in die EU. Die Versandkosten betragen 150 € für die HUUS One und für die HUUS Meet gelten kombinierte Liefer- und Aufbaukosten von 1.290 €.

Returns & Guarantee

+ Can I return the booth if I am not satisfied?

Wir bieten sowohl für die HUUS One als auch für die HUUS Meet eine 100-tägige Testphase an. Wenn du nicht zufrieden bist, kannst du sie gerne kostenlos zurückgeben. Für dich fallen nur Kosten für Auf- und Abbau an.

+ What if something goes wrong?

We offer a 2-year guarantee for our products. If anything goes wrong, you can easily reach out to us and we would be happy to help!

Assembly & User guidelines

+Can I set up the boxes myself?

The HUUS One can be set up in roughly 1h with 2-3 people. It comes in 6 pre-built modules which easily assemble. Some modules weight up to 70kg, so it’s best to have 2-3 people to help out.

The HUUS Meet has a more complex assembly guideline and therefore needs to be assembled by our teams.

+Do you offer assembly service? What is the cost?

Ja! Für die HUUS One kostet der Aufbau 390€ und die Lieferung 150€ pro Box. Für die HUUS Meet bieten wir ein kombiniertes Lieferungs- und Aufbaupaket für 1.290€ an.

+Do I need any specific set-up in my office to use the booths / pods? Are there any restrictions about where I can set them up?

Our booths and pods are pre-wired and require simply to plug them in - you just need connection to energy. We include a 5m energy cord to help find a good place for it. The booths and pods come with levelling feet which you can easily adjust to uneven floors.

+Can I move the box after it is built?

The HUUS One booth has felt-lined feet, so it can be moved around quite easily. If you require to move to a different level, you can unmount and mount it again.

The HUUS Meet is a more complex and heavier product, so it would be best to choose a location where it could stay for a while.