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We make workspaces happier and healthier.

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The workspace of the future - everywhere

Our mission at HUUS is to build happier and healthier workspaces. We believe that the workplace should be an environment enabling teams to flourish and allowing them to focus on what they do best. Less inefficiency, friction and disturbance - more collaboration, communication and wellbeing. We want to help companies build a positive culture while staying flexible and making the most of their office space.

Our vision of Future of Workspaces extends beyond the office, and we aim to enable working from anywhere by providing airports, hotels, coworking spaces or cafés the opportunity to enhance their space and welcome remote workers - transforming any place into a workplace be it on-site, remote or on-the-go.

Staying Flexible in Constant Change

We believe that the future of work is hybrid and constantly evolving. Workspaces will need to be flexible and modular to meet changing needs and to provide the right environment for hybrid teams. With our booths, companies can create havens of peace, putting well-being at the core of their workspaces and creating a more human-centric and collaborative space.

Combining Function & Design

At HUUS we believe that function and design can rhyme. With their minimalistic style, our products fit in various environments beautifully. Each detail has been carefully thought through, tested and crafted to ensure a high quality and functionality..

Living Sustainability

We strive to build sustainable products. Combining carefully selected materials with highly talented engineering, we create a lasting product that accompanies teams through their journeys. We offer a 2-year guarantee, but we hope the products serve much longer.

Made with love in the EU

Our products are designed, engineered and produced through a collaboration of many talented people across the EU. The common denominator among them: innovation, technical excellence, curiosity. From Berlin to Vilnius to Torino, we look for good ideas, talent, motivation to bring products to life.

Our values




HUUS means “small house” in the old Germanic language. A cozy space where you can relax and feel safe. Like your HUUS booth.

Our story

HUUS was born from the result of a DIY project that was not quite optimal. Our founder Justina and her husband Marc wanted to bring more peace to the Berlin office where they worked with a space for calls and concentration. The cheapest and most individual version seemed clear: build it yourself! Unfortunately, this cost a lot of time, money and nerves without the desired result: the new area was neither comfortable nor flexible.

With the experience gained from this project, they looked for available solutions that met the most important criteria: Flexibility, modularity, fair price, ergonomics, sound insulation, comfort and design. However, no product could convince in all areas and so Justina founded HUUS.

Today we are living the biggest disruption to the office as we know it, which brings fantastic opportunities and additional motivation to contribute to rethinking the workplace concept based on more human-centered values, team happiness and well-being - and we are excited to contribute to shaping the Future of the Workplace with HUUS!


The design is perfect for our space in Berlin, and the customisation options made the booths a great fit for our new Hamburg space as well. Now we have managed to create focus areas in our creative community spaces. With their great support and fast deliveries, HUUS has become a favourite brand for us.

- Tala Mortada, Chief Design Officer, Factory Berlin

The HUUS booths are a great fit for our modern and elegant office design. The boxes provide a very good speech and sound quality, and the quiet ventilation makes it possible to stay inside for a long time. Cooperation with Justina is great, she has a good & transparent way of communication, and with every challenge there is a quick solution. 100% recommendation!

- Michael Jäger, Founder & CEO, Cremanski & Company

We followed the installation of the telephone boxes with great anticipation. We were particularly impressed by the good acoustics. It's a great improvement for our office, because in the past we didn't have enough space for calls.

- Marco Neubert, Chief Communication Officer, DCMN

We treated ourselves to an upgrade from our old telephone boxes and started using HUUS. The quality inspires us every day, and since they've been adapted to our design wishes the booths fit perfectly into our office.

- Leo Marose, CEO, StackFuel

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